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Patreon page is up

The site is now all about gaming videos, check out the videos here:
Game Innovator on Youtube

Support GI so more videos can be made:
Game Innovator on Patreon

Games finally released on this site

Some older games developed for one of my previous sites have finally been released here.

Classics from 2000

Not dead

Not by a long shot, watch this space.

Twitch stream to come soon

That’s right, a Twitch stream for Game Innovator will be online soon. At first it will be about other people’s games but soon it will also be about my games. More to come soon!

A shift is coming…

That’s right, an overall shift in priorities will be announced soon. More info to come.

Still going!

I know I haven’t updated the site in a while however I have been making progress. More will be revealed in the future, but for the time being I can say that actual game development has begun. More to come!

Let the learning begin

I’ve started learning about the new framework that I’ll be using to develop games for multiple platforms. It will take a while before the first proper game is released however I’ll provide updates on what is happening at every stage.

I’ll also update the site itself, stay tuned for more details.

A Crafty Hitman site shut down

I’ve shut down the site A Crafty Hitman, it will redirect here before the domain expires entirely.

The game itself is not entirely abandoned however and will hopefully be released later this year at Game Innovator.

In the meantime I’ll be producing and releasing some smaller games in order to get my bearings with the new framework that I’m using.

What this means for you is some new games on the horizon, to be released for the following most likely platforms:

More to come once development is under way.

New site up!

As you may have noticed, we now have a new site up for Game Innovator. This site is now all about providing you with great innovative games for a variety of platforms.

More news to come soon and the site itself will be improved in the coming weeks.